[PAST] A call for a black and red contingent for May Day 2010!

Fellow Workers!

Are you tired of dragging the weight of the rich on your backs? Sick of watching our families, friends, and neighbors struggle while the big banks and corporations get bailouts? Fed up with the government punishing you for the mistakes of the powerful?

On May 1st, we say No More! Together, we can dump the bosses!

Join the Black and Red Anti-Authoritarian, Anti-Capitalist Contingent. Meet at 11am at the Rose-Kennedy Green Way at Hanover St, in the North End of Boston.

Workers are not to blame for the global economic crisis! Regardless of where we come from, we create all wealth. We work because we need to support ourselves and our loved ones. For us, this is necessity. We?ll travel anywhere to find work, and we?ve built the towers from which we are ruled, the prisons that they lock us in, and the walls that keep us divided. We could feed, house and clothe all of humanity, but we don?t control the products of our labor.

Living in capitalism, we work not for the betterment of our communities, but to profit the rich. Every week, we hand the treasures we create to our bosses, who waste it on selfish ventures. Our world is in crisis because the elite has mismanaged. We know who to blame. It?s the rich capitalists and their agents, the politicians. Thus, we march against capitalism and against authoritarianism.

On May 1st, anti-authoritarians, anarchists, socialists and other anti-capitalists will converge in the North End for a feeder march to the May Day Rally on the Boston Common. With signs, flags, banners, songs and puppets of the Chicago workers who died to bring us the 8-hour day, we?ll kick off the Month of Anarchy, and take walk together to replace the hierarchies of the old order with the freedom and equality of a new dawn.

Called by the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society.

To endorse this call, contact Info@SaccoandVanzetti.org