"SACCO O VANZETTI" musical video by Italian rapper Kento in YouTube

Lyrics by Francesco Kento Carlo

When your destiny comes to you
What to do? What to do?
Are you ready to go hard even if there?s no return game?
To stay and fight?

Voice is like light, but if there is no more warmth
The shout cuts off words, causes total eclipse.
Sacco Nicola, coming from the South,
Destination death, and prison in the meanwhile.
Between this walls even my thoughts are locked up,
And through the keyhole air can?t pass.
When I?m scared I close my eyes and I see the sea,
I dream about the sky and my home place, I dream to kiss my lover.
I dream butterfly wings to escape through this bars
Titans? hands to bend them.
I would have strength for a new chapter
If only these steps didn?t bring me on the gallows
Anarchist and foreigner, but not a murderer,
Even the judge who wrote my destiny knows it.
And on the wall I?ve written in black letters:
"Justice does not belong to any established government".

Voice is like a bomb, if the truth we have
Can break the arm waving into the roman salute.
Vanzetti Bart, I?m guilty!
For hating the system?s injustice and its rules.
For being an Italian, an anarchist, a migrant worker.
A labor organizer, an anti-fascist, a militant.
And my people can?t forget the past,
By me they now bring charge of all the time spent
Working like slaves, off the books,
Or standing in never-ending queues at the immigration offices.
Mr Judge! It?s all a frame up!
I?ve seen your pen trembling with fear!
It wrote down a sentence that represents our victory,
It wrote down our names on the history books,
And everybody now has to know:
"Justice does not belong to any established government".


I don't care even if you do
If only I could feel your smell one more time

It's all for a cause without any name or color
But now this cause has a name
Now has a name

For more information about Kento and his music, check www.myspace.com/kentofromcalabria and www.ilrapdikento.com. You can also reach him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/francesco.carlo.