[PAST] A night of theater, music and poetry to commemorate 80th anniversary of Sacco & Vanzetti's execution

Continuing with the program designed by the Sacco & Vanzetti Commemoration Society a group of talented artists presented their work in homage to Sacco and Vanzetti, executed by the State of Massachusetts 80 years ago. The event took place at the Community Church of Boston, at its main room where the bas-relief of Sacco and Vanzetti is proudly displayed.

Two photographs taken by Frederick Clow during a riot in the state prison where Sacco and Vanzetti were electrocuted were also on display. The author explained to those who approached the mini-exhibit how at the age of 27, he climbed the walls of the prison to take pictures. He also presented the groups with current pictures of the temporary plaque placed yesterday at 256 Hanover Street and a poster of the events, which coincidentally was located exactly in front of the funeral house where the two anarchists laid in 1927.

The night started with a study of the traditional song of struggle "Bella Ciao" in the original Italian version, followed by the American English version of The Internationale and a song composed by the Chilean musician Victor Jara who was killed in prison in 1973. This part of the program was lead by local activist Sergio Reyes.

Immediately thereafter, three pieces of theater directed by Maryann Colella (with the participation of Dee Talentino, Patrick O'Meara and Justine) were presented, beginning with a mix of acting and puppetry depicting the recent anti-immigrant raid in the City of New Bedford, followed by two political satires.

David Rothauser, the director of the 2004 documentary "The Diaries of Sacco and Vanzetti", which will be presented separately as part of the commemorations, read a poem about the subject from the writer John Dos Passos. Rothauser also acted Vanzetti's response to Judge Thayer after the sentence was read to them.

Finally the musical band "Jake and the Infernal Machine" performed original pieces about the struggle in Oaxaca, Mexico and a new song about Sacco and Vanzetti.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and went home with a sense of having learned about this history of struggle, which continues up to our present times. Truthfully the artistic quality of the presentations is such that more people should enjoy them.

Maryann Colella and her theater group

David Rothauser

Sergio Reyes

Jake and the Infernal Machine