No Sacco and Vanzetti March on August 23, 2016 -- but we will hold an indoor event instead

Our human resources have dwindled to such point that we decided not to organize the march and rally we have been doing for the last ten years. A balance of that situation indicate that this effort didn't really generate results, beyond the political and personal satisfaction of those in attendance, which never went beyond 50 people.

We don't want to abandon the attempt to keep our martyrs out of the mind and hearts of people. We have decided therefore to organize an indoor event on Tuesday, August 23rd, at Encuentro 5 in Boston. To this effect we have secured the participation of Robert Knox, a Massachusetts write who published the e-book "Suosso's Lane" by the end of last year. We will also have some live music, a rotating slide show with pictures of the times and the men. Soon we will come out with a poster and we hope that you continue to support this timeless cause for justice and make plans to attend the event and bring friends to it.

We will also attempt to secure a Boston City Council resolution declaring this day "Sacco and Vanzetti Day in Boston", as we have done it for the last ten years.

We should also rethink and revisit our hitherto failed objective of erecting a monument in Boston to Sacco and Vanzetti. From clearly identifying failure, we should be able to move towards victory.

Still in the struggle, regardless of the setbacks.